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What can we do for you?

Rehab Options Work Conditioning Exercise Physiologists (EP) and Physiotherapists assist injured workers in improving their strength, flexibility, stability and functional conditioning through a gymnasium based exercise intervention. Exercises are developed based on each individual's needs, specific injuries and job requirements. Feedback is obtained from other treating Allied Health Professionals (e.g. GP's, physiotherapists and specialists) to ensure you are receiving the best possible treatment for your injuries.

Services for injured workers include:

What injuries do we treat?

Through our Work Conditioning interventions, we are able to assist with musculoskeletal injuries and neurological conditions. Our specialised knowledge of the human body allows us to develop an exercise program to  improve your strength, function and recovery. Some common injuries treated include:

  • Disc bulges in the spine (incl. post operative management)
  • Rotator cuff injuries of the shoulder
  • Post-knee arthroscopic repairs
  • Mechanical lower back pain
  • Overuse injuries/ Repetitive strain injuries
  • Maximise core strength
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Functional Assessments

Functional assessments aim to determine the current capacity of injured workers at specific tasks. These tasks include general daily activities such as walking and stair climbing; and more specific work activities such as lifting and carrying. This c...

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Initial Work Conditioning Assessment

Injured workers functional capacity is assessed at a baseline level and goals are set to achieve maximal functional improvement. An exercise intervention in the gymnasium will then commence to achieve these goals with the ongoing guidance of your...

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Workplace Assessments

Workplace assessments aim to determine the current capacity of an injured worker in their workplace. The duties assessed will help to identify the injured worker's current capacity in the workplace and develop goals to assist their return to pre ...

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Please contact Rehab Options Work Conditioning if you have other requirements to those listed above. Please note that we can facilitate exercise treatment in the home and the workplace for your convenience.

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