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Rehab Options Work Conditioning
Information for Employers and Insurers

Rehab Options Work Conditioning was developed to assist with the rehabilitation process for injured workers. Through our extensive experience with workplace injuries and WorkCover, we identified an ongoing need to improve and facilitate injured workers in returning to work.

Benefits of Rehab Options Work Conditioning Strategies
- We regularly attend the case conferences to ensure these upgrades understood as appropriate are reflected on the certificate issued.
- Our expertise and strategies in Return to Work Coordination of difficult matters referred to our sister company over 25 years have allowed us to deliver a professional results based service.
- Our exercise physiologists (EP) are all qualified and experienced return to work coordinators aware of the barriers they are likely to be presented with. Our EP's will instigate and compile all appropriate evidence to present at the case conference. This, in order to achieve the appropriate requested upgrades to ensure the best return to work results.
- Rehab Options Work Conditioning reports are comprehensive by providing specific and clear functional status and expected outcomes. The outcomes are presented based on the actual work tasks available in line with the return to work goals. The information we provide is compelling when combined with a detailed and realistic return to work plan.
- Our inception was specifically designed to stop the psychosocial barriers becoming an excuse for not obtaining results.

Our Service Delivery
Our exercise intervention will be tailored to meet the specific demands of the pre-injury job requirements. Our exercise physiologist are trained to identify and overcome the psychosocial barriers whilst conducting each exercise treatment. Accurate and useful information will be provided in the reports to the insurer and treating doctor to assist with upgrades on medical certificates. These reports can also be provided to the employer as requested.
Rehab Options Work Conditioning utilise facilities with our goal to make it as convenient as possible for workers to attend their appointments and also utilise the facilities in the injured worker's own time. As such, we will find a facility that is local to the workers home or workplace and arrange a membership for your worker. Sometimes, it is more convenient to complete the exercise treatments at home or in the workplace. We can accommodate this also.

Our services include:
- Initial Work Conditioning Assessment and Exercise Intervention
- Functional Capacity Evaluations
- Workplace Assessments
- Task Analysis

How to refer to us:
- Complete the web referral form and send it to us. We will do the rest, including chasing the approval, arranging the gymnasium membership, contacting the worker and contacting all relevant parties.
- Call us on (02) 8543 5800 and speak to one of our staff who will take down the claim details. We will do the rest.
- Speak to your scheme agent and elect to have Rehab Options Work Conditioning as your preferred provider for Exercise Physiology services.