Case Study 3

The Challenge

A workplace accident occurred resulting in a worker sustaining a fracture to his tibia and fibula. Post surgery the worker attended physiotherapy and hydrotherapy with no improvement and had remained unfit for a period of 7 months. The worker was referred to Work Conditioning where he received treatments in his home due to his incapacity to mobilise. The worker's first language was Mandarin which was overcome as a barrier through the use of an interpreter to translate exercise programs and instructions on technique and improvements.

The Process

An initial assessment was conducted where a gait analysis, strength test and range of movement test was completed. The results of these tests indicated that the injured worker had significant muscle wastage, altered gait pattern causing a significant limp and limited range of movement through his joints on the effected side. The worker had decreased motivation due to being housebound unless aided by a family member and a wheelchair.

A Work Conditioning program commenced focusing on the strength and endurance of his leg muscles and correcting his gait pattern. Within the first week the worker was able to stand unaided which previously he had been unable to do. Over the course of the following weeks, having two treatments per week, the worker was able to walk with a walking stick for long distances and walk unaided with the correct walking technique for up to 100 metres. The worker's motivation and self esteem boosted during this time as a result of regaining independence by being able to walk outside and get the mail from the letter box, something he had been unable to do since before the accident.

The Results

The worker regained enough strength that he returned to work on suitable duties where his work conditioning treatments continued in the work place. The worker was able to walk around on site, walk up and down stairs and complete his suitable duties standing or sitting. Further to his return to work, the most positive outcome was his ability to regain his independence and quality of life through the Work Conditioning program.

What the client says:

As the employer, we were genuinely concerned with the wellbeing of our staff. It didn't seem that he was improving at all, despite interventions of physiotherapy and hydrotherapy. Once Rehab Options Work Conditioning came on board, we could see an immediate improvement in the motivation to return to work. We cannot thank the Work Conditioning team enough for getting him back to work safely.