Tomasin Clark

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Accredited Exercise Physiologist
Bachelor of Exercise Physiology  

Tomasin has completed her Bachelor degree in Exercise physiology. Tomasin graduated from The University of New South Wales with a Bachelor of Exercise Physiology.  Tomasin has gained extensive experience in providing exercise prescription and programs for individuals who have suffered cardiovascular events, spinal cord injuries and musculoskeletal injuries. She also has experience in working closely with the over 65 year old population focusing on maintaining functional independence and falls prevention. 

Prior to joining Rehab Options Provider Services Pty Ltd/ Rehab Options Work Conditioning, Tomasin was involved in a University Research Project and is soon to publish her first research paper looking at the effect different types of exercise has on reducing both central and peripheral blood pressure. 

Through Tomasin's Exercise Physiology work experience as well as her background in elite level track and field training, Tomasin is keen to bring and expand her Knowledge in a wide range of health conditions and injuries at Rehab Options Work Conditioning.