Enhanced Primary Care

In order to assist your doctor to refer you to Rehab Options Work Conditioning, we have compiled a guide of relevant documents for your convenience.

Medicare Referrals

For Exercise Physiology and Dietitian.

Patients referred under this scheme Chronic Disease Management can get full Medicare rebatable Exercise Physiology and dietitian Consult.(terms and conditions apply)

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Workers Compensation Referrals

For Exercise Physiology

Medical Practitioners & Insurance Scheme Agents can refer to our service.

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Welcome to Work Conditioning

What can we do for you?

Rehab Options Work Conditioning aim to improve your strength, function and recovery by developing a unique exercise program for you. Our accredited exercise physiologists will work with you and your nominated treating doctor to improve your capacity and assist with your return to work. The Work Conditioning team will select a facility convenient for you and will consider your injury to develop a unique gymnasium, hydrotherapy or workplace program to assist with your injury management.